Pure plant medicine is not just something that smells good.  The term “Aromatherapy” has been hijacked by unethical companies

who sell commercial products that are filled with fragrance and toxic chemicals.  Just because it smells doesn’t mean there is any

therapeutic value to it.  It must be obtained from named species of botanical plants, properly distilled with careful consideration.

CosmicFlower teaches about plants period….Not marketing, not myths, just the facts, both science based and from indigenous healers.

Powerful therapeutic blends created by katie’s healing hands.



April 22-23. May 20-21, June 24-25

Retreat takes place in the Boca Raton area, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm 


No experience necessary to register, Class size is limited, save your spot with $50 deposit.

Licensed massage therapists and nurses will receive 14 hours of continuing education credits.

Join Katie for a day of  fun and healing and self exploration